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Computerisms delivers a cost effective answer to Internet backup solutions. Back your data up to a remote hard drive stored in a secure location, without pricy overage charges from NWTel. As with most services provided by Computerisms, it is flexible and customizable to your specific needs.

How it works:

Computerisms provides a wireless endpoint that plugs into your network. This device connects to a private and secured wireless network. On the other side of that network is a dedicated Data Storage Server. Any number of computers on your local area network can then be configured to connect to that Data Storage Server, and copy files to or from it.

Automated Backups:

Normally the function of automated backups is the responsibility of the program you use to do your backups. For example, you can use the Windows 7 Backup System to do images, and have it manage your backup space for you. if you do not already have your own backup system in place, Computerisms can use the Data Storage Server to provide an automated backup system to any *nix based computer (including mac), and to most Windows Systems as well.


For the moment, this service is only available in the downtown core of Whitehorse. As we develop more customers and put more radios in place, the network will expand and be available to more customers in more areas.


Data Storage LimitMonthly FeeYearly Fee
500 GB $80 $800
1000 GB $120 $1300
4000 GB $140 $1500
8000 GB  $170 $1800

Need more?  We can set it up, give us a call 

Setup fee: $90 - Does not apply to yearly subscriptions
Includes configuration of the wireless endpoint and data storage server
Does not Include configuration of client workstations or network

Computerisms Off Site Data Storage Legal Agreement



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