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Computerisms provides Hosted Emergency Alerting Services, Streaming Services, and a Web-based interface that supplies online broadcast automation software with smart scheduling and Media Asset Management (MAM). Conveniently manage your broadcast or streaming station from any Internet connection, using a using a mobile-friendly ‘drag-and-drop’ interface to create dynamic content playlists.



Product Note Monthly Yearly
Hosted Emergency Alerting Service  Configure this service to inject an Emergency Alert into your existing playout. $25/month $275/Year
Hosted Streaming Up to 100 Concurrent Listeners - Audio Only $25/Month $275/Year
Server Instance Includes Hosted Streaming, Hosted Emergency Alerting, Basic Modules, 5 DJ Accounts, Show Scheduling, 5GB Media Storage, $40/Month $440/Year
Service Add-ons
Add 5 GB Media Storage $5/Month $55/Year
Add 100 Concurrent Listeners $5/Month $55/Year
Add 5 DJ Accounts $5/Month $55/Year
   Additional Modules for OpenBroadcaster Server
Tutorial v1.0 Interactive tutorial running through the basics of OBServer.


Terms of Use v1.0 Customized Terms of Use Included Included
Translations v1.0 Add multi-language support to OBServer. Included Included
Logger v1.0 Log all controller functions. Included Included
Alert Languages v1.0 Add multi-language support to OBPlayer CAP alerts. Included Included
Bulk Import v1.0 Imports bulk media items from predetermined folders. $5/Month $55/Year
Data & Statistics v1.0 Provide graphs and statistics for media, playlists and other OBServer data. $5/Month $55/Year
Mapping v1.0 Provide a map displaying location of CAP Alerts and status of OBPlayers. $5/Month $55/Year
Now Playing v1.0 Provide a link to a "now playing" information page $5/Month $55/Year
OB-2-OB v2.0 Transfer media and metadata to another instance of OBServer. $5/Month $55/Year
Server Status v1.0 Server status information including disk usage, uptime, etc. $5/Month $55/Year
Payments v1.0 eCommerce functionality, providing monetary incentive to users to complete media creation and management tasks. Integrates with Task Tracker module. $10/month $110/Year
Ad Manager v1.0 Schedule ads to start and stop by moving them between "enabled" and "disabled" categories. $10/Month $110/Year
Reporting v1.0 Reporting module for SOCAN and SoundExchange. $10/Month $110/Year
Task Tracker v1.0 Tracks tasks with assigned playlists and media items. $10/Month $110/Year
Campaign Wizard v1.0 AD/PSA system allows media buyers to create and submit POLLY Ads or PSAs. $20/Month $220/Year
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